India VidMahatma Gandhi founded Gujarat Vidyapith, a prestigious institution, in 1920. The school’s governing body stated its intention to welcome Gujarat’s current governor, Acharya Devvrat. rajkotupdates.news:gujarat-vidyapeeth-by-mahatma-gandhi-in-1920-will-invite-governor-acharya-devvrat He will take up the responsibilities of the university’s 12th Chancellor. This choice was made after a protracted council meeting that went into the night. Continue reading about rajkotupdates.news: Governor Acharya Devvrat will be invited to the Gujarat Vidyapeeth established by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920.

Ela Bhatt, the current Chancellor, was accepted to resign, the council further revealed. The Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) was founded by Ela Bhatt, a respected Gandhian and social crusader. rajkotupdates.news:gujarat-vidyapeeth-by-mahatma-gandhi-in-1920-will-invite-governor-acharya-devvrat SEWA is an organisation committed to the welfare of low-income, independent women.Mahatma Gandhi founded the prestigious yapith organisation in 1920. The governing council of this school announced its

Who Is Acharya Devvrat And What Has He Achieved So Far?

Acharya Devvrat, a career politician and social worker who was born on January 18, 1959, has held a number of government roles for a long time. rajkotupdates.news:gujarat-vidyapeeth-by-mahatma-gandhi-in-1920-will-invite-governor-acharya-devvrat He was Kalyan Singh’s governor of Himachal Pradesh for four years, from 12 August 2015 to 21 July 2019, and he is presently Gujarat’s governor. Devvrat made a remarkable amount of progress in the fields of natural farming, environmental preservation, and education.

Additionally, he held the position of Director General of the Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, where he made a name for himself by promoting manipulation and empowerment of young people. Arya Samaj publicist (pracharak) Acharya Devvrat formerly held the position of chairperson of the Gurukul in Kurukshetra, Haryana.

Vision & Mission of rajkotupdates.news:gujarat-vidyapeeth-by-mahatma-gandhi-in-1920-will-invite-governor-acharya-devvrat

Mahatma Gandhi founded Gujarat Vidyapeeth in 1920 to provide education based on Indian ideals and to foster knowledge and skills that advance India’s economic and social development. rajkotupdates.news:gujarat-vidyapeeth-by-mahatma-gandhi-in-1920-will-invite-governor-acharya-devvrat Its objective is to create professionals and leaders who can influence societal change for the better and advance human welfare.

Through academic programmes and research centres over many years, this university has made exceptional contributions to rural development, women’s emancipation, and social reform. Its outstanding efforts demonstrate how education can produce global citizens who desire self-improvement, and it is now a necessary institution.

The cornerstone of our school’s goal and educational strategy is Nai Talim theory, rajkotupdates.news:gujarat-vidyapeeth-by-mahatma-gandhi-in-1920-will-invite-governor-acharya-devvrat which enables students to learn about Indian culture and heritage while also learning more about current events and the possibilities accessible in the world.

The Founding of Gujarat Vidyapeeth:

Mahatma Gandhi was adamant that education should equip people to affect meaningful social change rather than only imparting academic information. Gandhi founded Gujarat Vidyapeeth on October 18, 1920, according to his Nai Talim (New Education) ideology. rajkotupdates.news:gujarat-vidyapeeth-by-mahatma-gandhi-in-1920-will-invite-governor-acharya-devvrat He envisioned a school that would uphold the values of honesty, non-violence, independence, and a strong bond with the Indian culture.

According to Rajkotupdates.news: Gujarat Vidyapeeth, founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920, will host Governor Acharyadevvrat. Gandhi wanted to provide pupils an education that would help them become independent and self-sufficient. rajkotupdates.news:gujarat-vidyapeeth-by-mahatma-gandhi-in-1920-will-invite-governor-acharya-devvrat Along with intellectual endeavours, he emphasised the need of physical labour and practical training. The goal of Gujarat Vidyapeeth’s curriculum was to inculcate a feeling of social responsibility while focusing on the overall development of students.

The governing board of the Gujarat Vidyapeeth

Mahatma Gandhi founded Gujarat Vidyapeeth in 1920 as a school dedicated to advancing Gandhiji’s beliefs and serving the community. India-based company with several branch campuses spread out over the state.

The Governing Council of Gujarat Vidyapeeth is made up of academic and professional rajkotupdates.news:gujarat-vidyapeeth-by-mahatma-gandhi-in-1920-will-invite-governor-acharya-devvrat people who support the mission and vision of the institution, including professors, business leaders, employees, alumni, and others.

a team in charge of determining the direction and objectives for the University’s future. Additionally, this group ensures that business operations are effective and compliant with current laws and regulations.

A university’s governing council is in charge of making decisions rajkotupdates.news:gujarat-vidyapeeth-by-mahatma-gandhi-in-1920-will-invite-governor-acharya-devvrat about annual tuition, hiring and firing personnel, and approving new degree programmes, courses, and programmes of study. These choices are.

What is the significance of Gujarat Vidyapeeth?

Mahatma Gandhi created Gujarat Vidyapeeth in 1920, and it has a vital position in Indian history. The institution was created with the intention of fostering national independence and education. It provided contemporary education together with classes that focused on traditional Indian values and culture.

The contribution of Gujarat Vidyapeeth to India’s liberation movement is one of its noteworthy features. The institution was crucial in organising people against British colonisation through nonviolent methods. rajkotupdates.news:gujarat-vidyapeeth-by-mahatma-gandhi-in-1920-will-invite-governor-acharya-devvrat It also provided a venue for leaders like Morarji Desai, Vinoba Bhave, and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to polish their leadership abilities.

Gujarat Vidyapeeth not only played a crucial part in the independence fight, but it has also made substantial societal contributions by supporting rural rajkotupdates.news:gujarat-vidyapeeth-by-mahatma-gandhi-in-1920-will-invite-governor-acharya-devvrat development initiatives including agriculture and cottage businesses. Furthermore, it possesses


Mahatma Gandhi’s goal of education is alive and well in Gujarat Vidyapeeth. It keeps inspiring new generations of students and is still dedicated to the values of independence, rajkotupdates.news:gujarat-vidyapeeth-by-mahatma-gandhi-in-1920-will-invite-governor-acharya-devvrat altruism, and community service. The college stands out from conventional educational institutions due to its emphasis on community participation, vocational training, and holistic development.

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