Everything you need to know about Dr. Florian Dibra

Everything you need to know about Dr. Florian Dibra

The MD graduated with honors from villanova University in villanova, Pennsylvania Mr Florian Dibra. Actually he is a fellowship trained knee and a hip orthopedic surgeon.

And let’s discuss about him in this article in more detail.

Who is Mr Florian Dibra?

As was noted in the previous paragraph, he is a Doctor of Medicine (MD) and obtained these medical degrees from the prestigious Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated with honors from the University of Florida and is now qualified to practice orthopedic surgery thanks to his training. During the time that he spent at his university, he was also given the opportunity to work with mentors who came from illustrious backgrounds and was shown some of the most well-known technologies in the world. Florian Dibra Some of these mentors worked at the Massachusetts General Hospital in conjunction with Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic.

In addition, he was presented with the Chief President’s Best Research Award for his outstanding achievement, in addition to the 2019 Knee Arthroplasty Game Changer Award, both of which were presented to him during the International Congress for Joint Construction South Hip and Knee Course in 2018. Florian Dibra Additionally, Dr. Florian Dibra received his fellowship in adult arthroplasty at the University of Florida, where he focused mostly on the development of knee and hip joints.

What’s other achievements of doctor Florian Dibra?

In addition to his rich scientific background, Dr. Florian Dibra’s work may also be found in a number of articles, poster presentations, and book chapters. In addition, it includes a variety of articles on arthroplasty in general and arthroplasty today, which discuss specific correlations between knee discomfort and hip arthritis, in addition to other pertinent issues in hip recreation.

In addition, he was granted a license to practice medicine in the state of Florida; nevertheless, in September of 2020, Dr Florian Dibra departed the state of Florida to begin his employment at the Orthopaedic Institute of North Texas. Additionally, he works as an orthopedic surgeon at the Farmers branch offices in Texas and in Frisco. The knowledge that Florian Dibra provides is extensive in the field of knee and hip orthopedics.

The types of arthritis that Florian Dibra treats include osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis like rheumatoid, and knee and hip arthritis that may be treated non-operatively as well as surgically. In addition to that, he is an expert in minimally invasive net knee and hip replacement, anterior hip replacement, partial knee and hip replacement, complicated revision knee and hip replacement, as well as robotic knee and hip replacement.

What about the rest of the physician Florian Dibra’s loved ones?

His household is made up of himself, his wife, and their two children. In addition to this, he is completely fluent in Italian and Albanian, in addition to being competent in Spanish. In his leisure time, he likes to participate in many activities, such as traveling, cooking, and playing soccer. He also loves spending time with his children.

Why should we pick Dr Florian Dibra to treat our knee and hip injuries instead of another orthopedic surgeon?

He has fellowship training in revision knee and hip replacements under the auspices of surgeons affiliated with institutions such as the University of California San Francisco, Harvard, and the Mayo Clinic. He is considered a pioneer in these areas. is able to do its business inside state-of-the-art medical facilities that are not only easily accessible but also provide exceptional services to patients.

training that Florian Dibra has received for a long time in minimally invasive muscle sparing and replacement treatments for both myself and him. Had received training in revision procedures for both the knee and the hip. Care that is focused on the patient from the very first appointment through the whole preoperative phase, including an open line of communication with the attending physician.


Is there a particular hospital with which Dr. Florian Dibra, MD is associated?

The answer is yes; Florian Dibra, MD is connected to both Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Fresco and medical City.

Can I contact Dr. Dibra via the website to schedule an appointment?

Yes, you are able to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dibra today using her online scheduling system. It’s completely free, easy to use, and safe.

Is Dr. Dibra, MD now taking on new patients?

In most cases, Dr. Florian Dibra is willing to take on new patients; the phone number shown on Dr. Dibra’s profile may be used to schedule an appointment with him.

What is the most effective method for reserving a time slot with Dr. Florian Dibra, MD?

To schedule an appointment for new patients, please contact the number (972) 480-3025.


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